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Our Programs

Toddler Playgroup
(1.6 to 2.11 years old)

​How does the child learn? 

Learning is sensorial and  experiential.

  • Emphasis is on the child’s social adjustment.

  • Verbal and social skills are enhanced by interacting with peers and teachers.

  • Fine motor skills are developed  thru manipulative exercises that promote finger dexterity.

  • Gross motor skills are developed thru music and movement activities.


Integrated Curriculum

From K1 to Primary Levels
Reading and Comprehension
Singapore Math 
Filipino and
Science and Technology

Multi Sensory / Structured Language Approach to Reading is...

  • an evidence based practice that uses validated, reliable and efficient assessments for classroom teaching and; 

  • promotes understanding of language structures for both word recognition and language comprehension.

Singapore Math

  • Solving addition and subtraction of 2-3 digit numerals using number bonds and block model approaches;

  • Concept of time and occurrence of events

Science and Technology

  • Understanding and appreciating life forms and processes

  • Leveled language teaching in Filipino with the aid of WiKAHON from Adarna Publishing;

  • Recognizing and respecting diversity;

  • Learning about the Filipino child and his rights and responsibilities

Visit the website                                                           to learn more about it!

Image by Jess Bailey


  • Lessons and activities are provided by the teachers in various platforms and may be accessed via computers or smart phones. 

  • Real-time live chats and classes

  • Teachers facilitate daily learning online.

  • Flexible schedule of deadlines

  • Combination of traditional classroom set-up and online learning. 

  • In-school and online learning lessons

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