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School Events

Palarong Pinoy.jpg
Palarong Pinoy

A time for families to gather together and practice camaraderie and sportsmanship by playing traditional Filipino games.  

Costume Party.jpg
Costume Party

It is one of the students’ most awaited events where they can play dress up and be their dream characters even for a day.

Book Month.jpg
Book Month

Encourages love and appreciation for reading, especially to our young learners.

Christmas Presentation.jpg
Christmas Presentation

It is the merriest event of the year. It showcases students who have a knack in performing. A chance for them to display their talents in singing, dancing and performing. It is definitely a good head start for our aspiring young performers.

Malikhaing Kamay Challenge

This event aims to honor the creative thinkers, the ones who show love for art and have excellent creative skills. It is also our way of teaching students to preserve our planet and the natural resources through our “Earth Day Everyday” program.

Field Trips.jpg
Educational Field Trips

Because we believe that learning is not confined in our classrooms, our young learners get a chance to explore the environment and discover the different wonders of nature through our outdoor activities. 

Wiz Kid.jpg
Wiz Kid Quiz Show

A time for our diligent learners to shine! Students from Preschool to Grade 6 are challenged with mind-boggling questions just like they're in a real Quiz Show. This is also a time to practice sportsmanship and collaboration with peers through the group Quiz Show for older kids. 

Engineering Week.jpg
Engineering Week

The event aims to unleash the future Math Wizards and scientists in our students.  It encourages them  to build and create and to make them realize  that there is no limit to their imagination.

Moving Up.jpg
Moving Up/Graduation Ceremony

Our young learners take their final bow to conclude the meaningful year. It highlights the students' achievements for the school year and acknowledges their multiple intelligences.

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