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A Brief History

Active Thinkers Child Development Center was single handedly founded by a mother and an educator who believes that children should be given equal opportunities to grow holistically – physical, socio-emotional and cognitive.

For her, it is important that the stakeholders of the children's education give equal focus on their multiple intelligences in order for the children to achieve their full potentials. 

This is the reason for the birth of Active Thinkers Child Development Center. Its Founder and School Administrator, Teacher Lenith Señora believes that the goal for children in their formative years is to enhance character formation and to promote values-based education that play an essential part  in the development of an individual. At Active Thinkers, children are taught to respect diversity and to be gentle to animals and nature, respect the elderly, among other important Filipino values.  


We believe that aside from enhancing the children's cognitive skills, equal focus should be given in building their  character and in forming life skills.

Our center also promotes collaborative learning. We believe that a collaborative classroom encourages deeper learning and builds the child's reasoning and listening skills. For older children, collaboration provides a venue for each student to speak out thru their small groups. Doing this will help develop their critical thinking and provides accountability for all members. 


Active Thinkers Child Development Center had its soft opening in the summer of May 2009 thru our Summer Fun Programs. We excitedly welcomed the 3s class in our Arts and Crafts Program as well as the Vertical class - 4s, 5s and 6s in our Reading Program. With the opening of the School Year 2009-2010, AT CDC offered full preschool programs from Toddler to Preparatory levels. 

As the years passed, we started to grow in number. A few years after our opening, we offered Grade 1 level, still catering to progressive approach to teaching, this time incorporating Literature-based and SG Math in our curriculum. As we move further, we began to integrate evidence based approach to Reading thru the Multi Sensory and Structured Language Approaches to our beginning and struggling readers in K2 and Primary levels.
Truly, our center has gone a long way. We may have increased in number and have continuous efforts of improving our facilities and curriculum but we still follow the same guiding principles we have grown to believe since 2009.


Active Thinkers aims not only to build a solid foundation for future education but to mold minds critical of learning. We encourage children to explore, discover and experience things as they happen, so that later in life, they can come up with their own ideas rather than give responses learned from rote or pencil and paper drill.


We envision our Active Thinkers to evolve into independent, God fearing individuals ready to face the global challenges, eager to explore new ideas and always, a passion for learning.

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The visionary behind

Active Thinkers

Teacher Lenith is a graduate of Communication at the University of the Philippines. Her passion in educating young children and empowering families led her to do further studies in this particular area. She finished her Master’s Degree in Family Life and Child Development also from the same university.


Teacher L is now completing her PhD in Child and Family to further equip herself with the latest trends and technologies in supporting the educational requirements of young children. She is also involved in studying the evolving Filipino families and how can this be translated to a healthy parent - teacher partnership in school and the community.

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