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The Child

Children are simple yet multifaceted beings. They are in constant need of guidance and teaching. Children are in the center of the active system of physical, intellectual, social and emotional influences that affect their environment.

Often, children are a contradiction of themselves; they are fragile but careless, understanding but egocentric beings. They have their own innate wisdom yet unyielding in their ventures.

How does the child learn?


Children are
excellent observers

Like a sponge, they absorb everything. Children need to actually see their role models do a task before they perform it.


Children learn
by doing

They thrive on exploring, experimenting and experiencing their environment. They need to explore the endless possibilities that they can do with their senses.

Play is the
child's work

Through playing, children develop their physical, cognitive and socio-emotional abilities.
By exposing them to various learning areas with lots of manipulative toys, they tend to develop their critical thinking skills.


The world is the
child's playground

Children love to discover. They need ample space to move around and discover the world around them. Children should be free to move without restraint so they may discover their Multiple Intelligences.


Areas of Development


Gross and

Fine Motor Skills


Cognitive Development



and Self-Help

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Kulit Likot Logo.png

Download the modules here:

 Developmental Milestone
of Children 1-3 Years Old

 Developmental Milestone
of Children 4-6 Years Old

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The #KulitLikot Toddler Kit

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