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...because ACTIVE learners

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We Are Ready!

We believe that the situation we are currently experiencing should not hinder the learning of children. This is why it is our commitment to embrace this new set-up and  provide our learners the different learning modalities without having to go  out and safely study and learn within the comforts of their own homes.  

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Summer Fun

Learning never stops at Active Thinkers. This is why we continue to provide exciting activities to suit your child’s needs during summer season. Discover more about our Summer Fun Programs being offered by our center.

Painting Class
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We, at ACTIVE THINKERS believe that...

each child is unique.
  • Children do not follow the same process at the same time. 

  • Children exhibit their uniqueness through their everyday experiences and use these to take an active role in the process of learning. 

children learn by doing and modeling.
  • Children need to try things on their own to be able to learn and appreciate new concepts and skills.

  • Children will be encouraged to write, read and do other activities  if they see adults around them do these activities first.

  • Children learn concepts easily through experiential learning.

play is the child's work! Through play, children...​
  • observe other children listen to stories;

  • discuss and make up stories;

  • write letters, names, create invented signs;

  • develop their physical, cognitive and socio-emotional abilities.

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What our learning partners say...


The best school in catering your child's development. every program is a learning experience to every child. they see to it that no child is left behind. more than academics they show love and care to every child and their needs. so enroll your child here and together we discover our full potential.



Very progressive, modern approach to education employing interactive-participative and experiential learning. Integrates relevant issues of the times like tolerance and inclusivity, bullying and evolving Filipino families.



ATCDC developed my child holistically. Manners, kindness and confidence would always be the institution’s priorities. Thank you!

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